Thursday, August 10, 2017

Update on the marketing of my book

Marketing of A Compassionate Civilization is off to a great start. Since publication on 1 August, some highlights include the following:

  • Book is on, CreateSpace, and expanded distribution worldwide
  • Malaprops Bookstore in Asheville, NC, has my book in the store; they have asked me to speak and sign
  • UN Systems Staff College is reviewing my book to see how they can use it in their curriculum
  • NYU library has acquired the book
  • Garrison Institute is reviewing the book in their blog
  • Garrison library has arranged my talk and signing
  • UN bookstore is reviewing the book for their store
  • Mindfulness Bell is writing a review
  • Center of Ecozoic Studies is writing a review
  • Ecologos is putting an article in their journal
  • East-West Center is adding the book to their library
  • Dean of Arts and Sciences at Oklahoma State University is arranging my talk and signing on campus
  • Virtual Facilitators Collaborative is launching an online book study group
  • Martin Gilbraith of the UK is writing a blog review
  • Abbey North in Canada is considering a book study group
  • Barnes and Noble in the Ashville Mall has invited me to their Authors' Festival to sign
  • Book is on Barnes & Noble website (  
  • Press releases have been sent to newspapers in Garrison, NY; Asheville, NC; Black Mountain, NC; Stillwater, OK; and Durant, OK.
  • Creative Facilitators Meetup has invited me to speak at their meeting
  • Charter for Compassion International put my book in their online Marketplace
  • Center for Compassionate Civilization, a global network to strengthen the "movements of movements" is launched
  • Book announcements appear regularly in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and on this blog
  • Jan Sanders put announcement on the OE/ICA list serve
  • Jim Troxel is announcing to the ICA USA network
  • Nadine Bell is announcing to the ToP network
  • Joyce McNamara announced at recent Social Artistry training in Ashland, OR
  • John Cock is preparing a blog post about the book
  • Book announced at the recent Democratic party meeting in Swannanoa, NC, and on Facebook page
  • NYU Wagner is preparing an article to go on website
  • Kindle version will be launched tomorrow
  • Prof. Mark Davies of Oklahoma City University recommended the book
  • Endorsements printed in the book are from Jean Houston, Shabbir Cheema, Joy Jinks, Bruce Williams, Larry Ward, Terry Bergdall, Nancy Roof, and Tatwa Timsina
  • Ingram Sparks will also publish the book under a new ISBN
  • and more . . . . 

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